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Meditation in Prayer

A “meditation prayer” seems to many to be something of an oxymoron. They perceive the two forms of spiritual activity to be incongruous. This is a mistake. Even in Christianity, the two are related. They are means of accessing the divine.

It all depends upon the definition. This, in turn, can rely on such aspects as culture, perspective on religion and acceptance of either component. After all, some groups do not believe in prayer. Moreover, some individuals do not perceive meditation as being an adjunct to or having any relationship with prayer.

In essence, before considering the terms “meditation” and “prayer” together, it’s best to start at the beginning. This means defining the two terms. In doing so, we may determine whether “meditation prayer” makes sense as a single term. We can also explore whether an anomaly actually exists when we use prayer meditation and, more importantly, whether this actually matters

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